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Keeping Your Perfect Goggles Perfect

Adapted by permission from an article which first appeared in Swim Magazine in 1997.

So you own the perfect goggles—tweaked and adjusted so they seem a part of your body. You have just finished a tough workout and are ready to hit the showers. If you do like most swimmers and just toss them into your swim bag along with other wet equipment they are destined to get scratched, have the straps rot off, and to become the breeding ground for several forms of life low on the food chain.

Better to take a moment or two to give your most prized swimming possession their due. Rinse them in warm tap water to remove chlorine residue. Gently dry them with a soft towel. If possible allow them to air dry for awhile before packing them away - the longer the better. Some goggles come with their own ventilated carrying case but a plastic tennis ball container with a few holes poked in it makes a handy receptacle for several pairs of goggles. In any case, store your goggles in a dry compartment of your swim bag.

Occasionally clean your goggles with mild dish soap to remove accumulated skin oils and other foreign matter. Rinse them thoroughly in warm water, paying particular attention to the inside of the lens cup and the gasket. Avoid solvents of any kind and do not use powder on the gaskets or straps. Dry thoroughly and store as described above.

Regularly spending a small amount of time properly maintaining your goggles could allow them to last years rather than months or weeks.

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Emmett Hines is Director and Head Coach of H2Ouston Swims. He has coached competitive Masters swimming in Houston since 1981, was a Senior Coach for Total Immersion Swim Camps for many years, holds an American Swim Coaches Association Level 5 Certification, was selected as United States Masters Swimming’s Coach of the Year in 1993 and received the Masters Aquatic Coaches Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002. He recently overhauled his popular book, Fitness Swimming (Human Kinetics, publishers) and the second edition was released mid-2008. Fitness Swimming has been published in French (entitled Natation, pub. by Vigot), Spanish (entitled Natacion, pub. by Hispano Europea), Chinese (entitled Jianshenyouyong), Portuguese (Natacao Para Condicionamento Fisico, pub. by Manole)  and, soon, in Turkish and Italian. Currently Coach Hines coaches the H2Ouston Swims Masters group in Houston, TX and works privately with many clients. He can be reached for questions or comments at 713-748-SWIM or via email.

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